New Edge Design Studio is a fresh, modernized, and professional approach to new construction model home staging and merchandising, aimed at attracting today’s home buyer. Our focus is to provide an on trend, yet timeless design, that appeal to your targeted buyer demographic. We stay grounded to our roots by bringing in simplistic and nature inspire elements with just the right amount of layers of furnishings and décor to draw attention to the finest features of your model home.

Our Process

Research and identify the target buyer

Develop a thoughtful strategy to attract the buyer and connect them with the product and specific features in your model

Review floor plans and make recommendations to enhance the experience of your buyer

Full presentation including fabrics, furniture, captivating art pieces, unique accessories, rendered floor plans, and detailed drawings

Specification selections including wall colors, surface materials

Provide a detailed specification package including detailed drawings of additional design enhancements

The purchase and installation of furniture, accessories and window coverings

A walk-through with the client to insure that they are completely satisfied